Santorini, Santa Irene, Stroggyli, Kallisti, Thira. A land that has been constantly inhabited ever since prehistoric times is waiting for you. Our tour includes visits to:

  • Akrotiri. Located on the southern edge of the island, we find the impressive excavation site of Akrotiri. The archaeological hoe unearthed the secrets of daily life in the prehistoric civilization of Thira, a one in full bloom and so closely related to the Minoan, where time stood still when the 1600 B.C. great volcanic eruption occurred. Close to ancient Akrotiri, there is today’s settlement, a village of serene beauty crowned by its enetian castle (Kasteli – La Ponta).
  • Panagia Episkopi in Exo Gonia. A temple dedicated to Virgin Mary, built in the 11th century by Alexios A’ Komninos, is an important meso-byzantine monument.
  • Ancient Thira in Kamari / Mesa Vouno. Santorini’s city of historic times, a fortress built at an altitude of 385m. was founded in the 9th century B.C. by the Dorians and we can detect traces of inhabitation up to byzantine times.
  • Museum of Prehistoric Thira in Fira. The Museum is the home of Akrotiri murals and mobile findings as well as of artifacts from other areas that date back to Neo-lithic times
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